To submit a story, images, pitch ideas, illustrations or any other content idea (whether for the print magazine or for digital), write to us at, with your submission, magazine intended for, résumé and a list of your published works. Please mention the subject line as "MAGAZINE NAME_SUBMISSION TYPE", for example "Caravan_Story Pitch", "Champak_Illustration", "Sarita_Short Fiction", "Grihshobha_Health Feature", "Motoring_Auto Writer", "Champak_Jokes" and so on

Please note that while we read every submission we receive, we are unable to respond to each one.

For an effective submission, it will be helpful if you familiarise yourself with the content of the magazine(s) or website(s) that you have in mind, its various sections, content and style. Please make sure that you have read enough of our published pieces so that you have a thorough idea of our editorial approach, house style, and writing guidelines.

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