Social Media and Digital Manager-Motoring World

Gearheads with a gift of the gab, listen up

Is your social media game smoother than a Formula One pit stop? Do you dream in hashtags and write captions that would make us laugh (and we're not easy to impress)?

Motoring World needs a Social Media and Digital manager who's more lit than a nitro-boosted Christmas tree.

The Job:

Social Media Superhero: Craft posts on Instagram and our other social media feeds that'll have enthusiasts drooling faster than a Ferrari on a back straight.

Trend Spotting Speed Demon: Stay ahead of the automotive curve like a self-driving Tesla on a sugar rush. EVs? The latest bikes? You'll be the first to know what's dropping in the automotive world.

Engagement Emperor/Empress: Think giveaways, contests and anything that'll turn our socials into a car show with more action than a Vin Diesel movie (minus the questionable wardrobe choices... hopefully).

Website Wizard: Sharpen your keyboard skills and unleash website content that'll leave our readers wanting more.

You are:

Automotive Aficionado: 3-4 years of experience in the automotive world preferred. Bonus points if you can explain the difference between a car burettor and a catalytic converter without breaking a sweat.

Digital Da Vinci: Speak fluent "car person" and turn Facebook comments into a hilarious meme factory.

Creative Combustion Engine: Dream up subscription marketing campaigns that'll hook readers into signing up.

Data Diver: Jump into the numbers from the website and social media feeds, read them and figure out what to do with them.

The Deal:

Location: Buckle up for in-office hot laps at our BKC, Mumbai HQ.


How to Apply:

Send your portfolio (your absolute best digital work) and a cover letter that screams "I WANT THIS JOB" (with car puns encouraged) to and