Road Tester-Motoring World


Position: Road tester, 4-wheelers

'Job’ description: We put that in quotes because you'll get to drive cars for a living - thank us later

Deadline for applications: 13th July, 2024

We’re looking for someone with around five years of experience in the field of automotive journalism. You’ll need to know how to coordinate with 4-wheeler manufacturers and arrange machines to drive and shoot – and you’ll drive everything from tiny hatchbacks to executive sedans to vintage cars and supercars.

Excellence at driving (and driving safely) and writing clean, informative and entertaining copy for the magazine and website are non-negotiables.. You will attend first-drive events in India and abroad, press conferences, auto shows and most of the shoots we do; you will also help with copy editing and issue production, and may be asked to write the odd 2-wheeler story. Daily contribution to our website and social media handles will be required, and you will also script and produce editorial videos and reels. Needless to say, you must be able to stick to deadlines.

This is a full-time position, and you will need to be based in Mumbai. Pune is also acceptable, but you will need to travel frequently to Mumbai for meetings and shoots.

If this sounds like something you’d give up a kidney for, write to with a CV, a paragraph about why you would be a good fit, and an example of your best writing work.