Design Project- Grihshobha

Project: Redesign of Grihshobha, the leading Hindi women’s magazine in India.

About Magazine: For the past four decades, Grihshobha has been one of the most trusted partner to millions of India women, with its rich mix of articles that address everyday lifestyle problems, relationship advice, professional development, as well as a unique blend of entertaining fiction and articles that touch upon various socio-cultural issues that our society faces. From health, to cookery, beauty, fashion, travel, home care, and personal well being, Grihshobha covers everything that is important for a meaningful and wholesome life.

Position Brief: We are looking for a young designer with fresh new ideas, to work along with the Art Director of Grihshobha, in the re-design project for 4-5 months.

Project Brief: The re-design exercise is to give a fresh new identity to the magazine, in line with the evolving times and the changing preferences of our core readership. The project will start with a survey of understanding the evolving reader behaviour and demographics, to arrive at a clear understanding of the role that a magazine like Grihshobha (in print and digital), can play in the lives of our target readership. With the help of a qualitative research, the design team will work in close coordination with the editorial team, to arrive at a better understanding of some fundamental questions regarding magazine’s renewed editorial mission, and therefore a fresh new editorial identity for the magazine.

Time line: 4-5 months

Location: Delhi/ NCT

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Being part of a qualitative research phase with editorial and subscription team to understand reader behaviour and expectations
  • Articulating the editorial and design identity, which will then inform the actual design
  • Research on magazine design and illustration for the redesign.
  • Designing new and interesting layouts for the redesigning process.
  • Working with typography for magazine layouts and covers
  • Ideating with art director illustrations and graphic elements where required.
  • Knowledge of working with Hindi type.

Key Skills:

  • High proficiency in Adobe software, in particular InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Ability to design innovative layouts for text and image stories.
  • Familiarity with contemporary web and social media layouts.
  • Keen attention to details

Past Experience: Ideally at least 2-3 years, and graduate from a premier design institute.

To Apply:
Please send your resume and design portfolio, to Ms. Ela Chaudhry at, with the subject line “Design Project- Grihshobha”