Champak: Call for Fiction Stories

Are you passionate about crafting captivating fiction stories that spark imagination and curiosity in young minds?

Champak, India's beloved children's magazine, invites you to be part of an exciting journey in shaping the world of storytelling for kids between the ages of 6-12 years.

We are looking for stories full of adventure, humor, mystery, and the magic of discovery! Our stories aim to entertain and engage children while addressing real-life challenges that children encounter daily.

Whether it's unraveling mysteries, travelling, exploring and experimenting (science fiction), showing quick-wit in tough situations, or navigating everyday adventures, we seek stories that speak to kids in their language—filled with witty and relatable dialogues shaped as first-person narratives.

Your stories should inspire children to explore, learn, and tackle the world's hurdles with creativity. We welcome submissions in both English and Hindi, embracing diverse perspectives and cultures.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The stories must be between 900-1200 words
  • The stories must be grammatically correct

Send your imaginative tales to and join us in crafting stories that resonate, entertain, and empower children!